Flame Tricks: Transfer Output

This one is just too good to be true, and few flame ops seem to use it.

Pull a clip into Batch, do something with it and prepare an output. See how unhandily the output is 100 frames while the input is only twenty? Also, the input clip has timecode attached to it, which is useful to have on the output clip as well.

But who likes to type? Hold down T (mnemonic for Transfer) and click the input node with the output node selected. The length, name and timecode are automatically adjusted to match. Moreover: see that handy little “Offset timecode” button on the left? It means: “if you render from frame 25, start the timecode of the result from 01:00:32:00, and not from 01:00:31:00”. It’s even turned on by default for you. Also the LUT is going to be enabled so that you automatically truncate your clip to 10 or 8 bit (if you are in a 12 bit project).

So much typing spared with one shortcut.