Flame Tricks: Setup Render Prefixes

Here comes another Flame workflow tip. This one is used by colleagues of mine, but I found it very useful as well. One of the things that sometimes takes too much time is figuring out where has a clip come from. Your colleague has worked a project for a while, your library is full of clips and you are called in on a whim to fix something in presence of a client. Twenty minutes are spent looking for the setup that has produced a specific clip, and 10 minutes are all the fix takes. Sounds familiar? Here’s the recipe:

When making setups, start their names with module prefix. Like BA for Batch, AC for Action, MK for Modular Keyer and so on. When you render from Batch, assign the name of the output to be the same as the name of the setup. Action setups will render with the name of the setup already assigned to the rendered result. Including version (like V1, V2 and so on) in the setup is also helpful :-)

So, if you have shot 10, which is EDL event 10, call your Batch setup BA_Event0010. When you find a result called BA_Event0010, you will know to look for the Batch setup of the same name. AC_Event0020 will mean that you look in “action” directory for Action setup of the same name, and so forth.

Here some handy prefixes and suffixes:

Here some more that we don’t use (modules are rarely used)