Running .Command Files on OSX in Other Interpreters Than `sh`

We all know that on OSX you can create so-called .command files. In a nutshell, they are renamed shell scripts. When you make them executable and double-click them, they will run by themselves within

A little less known fact about them is that you can actually script them in any language of your choosing. For the reasons of distribution it’s better to stick to the versions of things available on OS X by default, obviously. You do this by modifying the shebang, just like you would for any other shell script.

For example, a .command file that runs via Ruby would look like this:

puts "Hello from #{RUBY_VERSION}"

Note that I am not using /urs/bin/env here to get at the right version of Ruby since that turned out to play up on 10.6 somehow. I stick to the system ruby instead.